anatomy of a slave

August 23, 2013 at 00:19 (BDSM)

deep breath
clear mind
silent submission
not born of fear or weakness
but respect and commitment
all around me
i can feel them
vibrating with anticipation
alive with potential
they whisper a longing
the tools He will use
but not because He has to
it is not these tools
that bring me to my knees
but devotion and need
i weep in supplication
every inch of me pleading
not for the pang of punishment or shame
but the awakening pain in which
I find my strength
my wings
that place
that life
where all my power lies
in the passion i inspire
deep in Master’s eyes
the fire in His touch
that makes everything i am
this is no collar of metal or leather
but one of love
i surrender
not because He demands it
but because He never had to
this is the path my footsteps tread
long before i found my place in them
a journey i take
where i am valued and safe
with no need to run
no secrets to hide
from what speaks deep inside me
the shadows that stir
the demons that lurk
the voices that guide me to
open myself and give in
i do
embrace who i am
i do
and dance in the flames
as a part of me burns
the part that felt ugly
and worthless
i do
and i emerge
free as a word
deep breath
clear mind
silent submission

English: Soldier butterfly seen in Secret Wood...



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