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She was before you before I even knew she had entered the room, as silent and subtle as a whisper of the most intimate thought, gazing into those unfamiliar eyes that could have been blue or green, softening your stance with just a breath of a glance and a lick of her lips, salivating at just the idea of you, pure and uncharted.

She wafted around you like a sweet aroma, a moon set to orbit, dusting stars, infinitesimal spotlights in the air around you, purring as each deliberate step took its time to worship the ground on which you stood. 

Once more before you, she closed her eyes.  Leaning in, she inhaled deeply, lingering just long enough for a memory to form.

She shook her head and grazed her fingertips down the length of your body as she knelt., half supplication, half homage, removing your knew high boots, one then the other, studying your delicate feet intently like a fortune teller before running her hands up your legs and pulling from the mystery a purple lace thong.

She stood then, slowly, running her nails like sharp feathers up the backs of your legs, pulling up the back of your skirt just enough to palm the smooth roundness below, steadying you with the strength of her body.  I watch you melt as her eyes dove deep into yours and found something yearning to be seen. 

She swayed you side to side as her hands divined up your thighs to your waist, then back to dance on your tailbone before they seamlessly grabbed your shirt and pulled it up, up, up, evoking you to subconsciously lift your arms, and the motion is finished so smoothly that your locked gaze is somehow impossibly never broken.
Your shirt discarded, her hands explored your bare flesh.  Back.  Tummy.  Shoulders.  She kissed you softly, warm in contrast to the air that flowed over your skin, as heat radiated from her, inside you, and everywhere her hands deigned to touch.

Her fingers slid under your bra straps and hesitated, savouring the sensations of you as she devoured what was left of your inhibitions.  You let out a grateful moan, as if you’d been holding the weight of chastity far too long, her cue to slide the straps of your shoulders, pulling you over the precipice.

You embrace her as she releases the clasp of you bra and gently pulled it from your décolletage as it rose and fell in anticipation.  Once again her hands roamed over new and exciting places, causing an awakening in every cell of your body.  You came to life with an electric shock of sweet serendipity, and she grinned, as her lips found your nipples on just the right side of rigid, her tongue licking like small flames, hot and illuminating.

Her hands toyed with the band of your skirt, a joyful torture as you gave in to the idea of being naked.  Your body begged to be free, and with a low growl of need she slid the prudish elastic over your hips, letting the rag fall to the floor.

She stood back, admiring her seduction  as you glowed with liberation and the light of a woman with no shame.  I watched her turn and saunter from the room as you caught my gaze, redressed, and left.  We were still as much strangers as we had been just moments before, but you would never be the same as you were before her.


(Apodyopsis: (n) the act of undressing someone with one’s eyes)

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