Good Girl

January 21, 2016 at 12:19 (Uncategorized)

So, for the last year I’ve had my ups and downs with kink, and for a while there was a dry spell.  Having lost both Master and sub, I was fairly over the whole deal.  Then something crazy happened…

Good girl. 

Pretty innocuous, really, and directly from someone fairly vanilla, but those two words sparked something….new?

New.  Just the concept of new seemed odd to me.  I thought I’d figured it out.  I thought I’d gotten all the new out of my system.  This was weird.  This was AWESOME!

Then something else happened.

Good Girl.

In April I signed up for a program that would help me tell my story in the form of a solo show in NYC.  I struggled for months over the general arc my show would take.  Would it center around my job?  Polyamory?  Geekery?

It took our Artist in Residence thirty seconds.  “I’ve noticed that kink is such a big part of your life, the turning point of your marriage, and the place where you really began to find your community and yourself, but you never write about it.  What if the arc was a scene?”

Genius, right?

And so, my show, Good Girl, was born, and with this began months of introspection.  What would this scene look like?  What would my role in it be?  How would it end?  How intimate would it get?  As it took shape, a final question…”would I be able to perform this?”  It’s one thing to be kinky in a dark dungeon full of other kinksters. It’s another thing to do it in front of a possibly vanilla audience out to see a Saturday matinee in NYC.  What if my dad showed up?  But I was in this, all or nothing, so I kept writing. The end result was a show I was extremely proud of.

I only had one more problem.  

I have made it a personal philosophy not to fake orgasms.  I believe it breaks down communication and encourages mediocre behaviour.  The result is that I don’t know how, or at least I didn’t, much to the celebration of any sexual partner I’ve ever had and the changrin of my stage director.  The literal climax of my show, and I was going to botch it.

It took two days of coaching and practice, and my partners sitting in the front row a foot from where I knelt, but in the end I nailed it!

So I enter 2016 with a new role, a new skill, and a newfound zeal for Sintangible.

Thanks for sticking around!

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