Simply Sintangible

Greetings, and welcome to a more mature audience based version of both Pearls and Pentagrams and Invisible Inklings.  In my quest to keep the others family friendly and appropriate for all audiences as a resource and guide I’ve noticed a desire for a more open forum on sexuality and lifestyle.  So here you have it.

Sintangibly Speaking will hopefully give a more rounded vision of who I am as a person, but why the moniker?  The simple answer is that it’s the name I go by in the community.  On sites like and in dungeons and play parties I am known as Sintangible, not Autumn.  The more complicated answer is how the name came to be.

Many years ago when I started my life in the BDSM community, I admit, I jumped in head first with no guidance or hesitation.  My first Dom was a friend, so I started with a level of comfort and familiarity that allowed me to flourish and thrive.  This gave me a confidence that sometimes takes years to achieve.  One night I was approached at an event and begged for a scene.  My supplicant seemed shocked at my acceptance telling me what a goal it had been of hers to play with me.  She told me I’d seemed intangible.  My reply was, “Sintangible, maybe, but quite tangible.”  The name stuck, and years later it re-emerged with my reintroduction to the community.

In a lot of ways the lifestyle is about suspended disbelief.  Making the surreal real, the unattainable attained.  It’s about fantasy becoming who we are and what we do.  Tangibility.  Sintangibility.

So welcome, I hope you enjoy the darker side of Autumn, Sintangibly Speaking.

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