December 19, 2013 at 23:33 (erotica) (, , )

She was before you before I even knew she had entered the room, as silent and subtle as a whisper of the most intimate thought, gazing into those unfamiliar eyes that could have been blue or green, softening your stance with just a breath of a glance and a lick of her lips, salivating at just the idea of you, pure and uncharted.

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January 13, 2012 at 22:44 (erotica) (, , , , )

His touch comes
wringing from me
every last drop
of stubborn will
the collar not yet around my neck
but I am already his
all of me
this knowledge feeds him
my eyes drop
to the floor
I fallow
to my knees
waiting obediently
pleading silently in loving supplication
tearing myself open
I am my own sacrifice
to a God who needs nothing
takes nothing
and gets anything he wants
In this darkness there is no sound
but his growling laughter
he will destroy and devour me
he will desecrate and  dissolve me
I will find myself
int he marks he leaves behind
I will be defined
like a Rorschach test
I am now restrained and pleading
but is it for less or more
I know
my desire is as palpable as my fear
and my willingness to fall apart tastes acrid on my lips
sweet and succulent on his
an acquired taste, submission
I give in
before I know it
I am bleeding
his beating draining the impurities from my soul
I let go
of what’s left of my control
I am released
in tormented ecstasy
he takes me
then leaves me
a puddle of a girl
in a husk of a body
weeping and groaning
heaving and moaning
I feel his touch
now soft with love
and I know he will reconstruct me
shape me
fortify me
no longer an aberration
but a star
brilliant though distant
this is when we are the closest
where he breathes me in
where we absorb each other
with him, in him
I remain
untouched but by his hands
unhearing but from his voice
unheld but by his heart
this is where I am his
all of me

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cosmic touch

November 5, 2011 at 13:23 (erotica) (, , )

I think of you
In unmentionable metaphors
Going deep inside myself
Where the world never sees
Taking dark pleasure
In my possession
With a sigh
Almost inaudible
Catching your scent
Like a firefly
Drawing you in
Like a rhythm
Capturing your heartbeat
As blood turns
To boiling adrenaline
My entire body
In desire
Somewhere hidden
A fire blazes
Until it can lick
A lustful consumption
An insinuous dance
My eyes close
And the world vanishes
I open
Accepting surrender
A soul exhaled
A nebula born
Into my womb
I escape
And let go

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