In Suspense

June 10, 2012 at 22:45 (BDSM) (, , , , , , )

I don’t get to post about “firsts” very often, but last night Angelflare and I attained a long sought after goal…suspension.  I have always been interested in suspension, and we have set up our own rigs in the past, but we have never successfully gotten me 100%, off the ground, slaves in space suspended.  I am slightly alarmed any time my feet leave the ground.  I am a floor-dweller by nature, not a light specimen, and a bit awkward at times.  I am, however, a rope slut and fan of flight, so of course suspension was a given.  But how?  Here’s how.

We started in one part of the dungeon, with a harness, then I was planted in a seat to watch while Angelflare prepared the ropes.  Not having a second set of strong arms to hoist my curvy self, we relied on a chair for assistance.  I promise you I was safe, as my upper body was plenty secure before I mounted the chair.  That fact didn’t stop my fear of height and falling from triggering a small meltdown, but I couldn’t have done it without being confident in Angelflare’s abilities.  First one leg went up.  Then I did a little maneuver that brought back memories of 16 years of dance training before Voila! I was off the ground!  I was only there for a short time as it took a while to get me there and I had already say around for some time, making the harness extremely uncomfortable, but we had done it!  We had suspended me!  Angelflare gave me a twirl or two before bringing me down, and we made a few improvement notes for next time, but I did it!

The feeling was amazing.  I always find a blissful place inside myself when I’m being bound, but this was a whole new level of flying for me.  Throughout the experience I found myself slipping in and out of deep subspace, and once I was up and had assured Angelflare that my discomfort was not detrimental I let myself float away for a moment and revel in weightlessness.  It was a step past a  blockage for me and a step towards a higher goal, which is actual suspension play.

I felt absolutely unstoppable after the experience, and I cannot thank Angelflare enough for his patience, dedication, and support…pun fully intended.

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